John & Kate Plus 8

24 Jun

I was prompted earlier this evening that unfortunately this was simply a math problem. It needed to be John & Kate Plus 8 and “The One”. It was an incomplete equation. I’ve never seen the show. As a new father myself the prospect of raising 8 kids is beyond my comprehension. I don’t see how anyone could do it without a LOT of help. I am saddened that this family is being torn apart by relationship problems. I once told a co-worker that was having problems with his teen girl, ” You know, I know its hard. And you can always have more children and hope things turn out easier. But your daughter will always only have one father. Do what you can to make it work.” God bless the children involved and protect their hearts. We can’t do this “family-relationship-loving people thing” the way it is intended without doing it with the Father. He made us, designed us, loves us, disciplines us. Sent His only Son to die for us so that we could go through life without having to do it alone. I have no idea what type of people John and Kate are. I certainly ain’t going to believe any picture painted by the media. But one thing I can say with certainty. If they have been trying to do this “family” thing without the daily input, advice, support and love of our Father, it is difficult and I dare say impossible to live life the way it can be lived and is meant to be lived. I need to spend more of my time serving Christ by trying to help families like this and others like them. And I don’t mean just telling them they are sinners and are going to hell unless they accept Christ.  But telling them they have a Father that loves them and has answers for ALL our questions and needs. That there is a way to make things better. That there is hope where it seems hopeless. SHOWING them all this by living my life in a way that they see the example in how my life is being lived and see hope for them. I can’t just do this with words. I need to do it with actions and my time. To get my life in theirs and let my actions speak. And I get my power to do this thru all that God is in my life, thru His living in me and transforming me.

I pray that God will send Christians to John and Kate and that they can turn this around.


One Response to “John & Kate Plus 8”

  1. Greg Brown June 24, 2009 at 4:47 AM #

    Excellent point. By failing to acknowledge our Father and the sacrifice made by the Son, we lose the opportunity to gain His help when life throws situations at us that are beyond our control.

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