I Want To Be Where Jesus Is

26 Jul

I just watched a video clip posted on Facebook from an old schoolmate of mine titled “I Want To Be Where Jesus Is” It is a very powerful statement about serving Christ by serving others, ESPECIALLY those that don’t know Christ and really have many needs.

It made me think, sometimes I feel like we have the conception that Jesus lives at our church.  Like most of our close family, we go visit on weekends and spend time together and laugh and love each other and then the weekend is over and we go back to the rest of our lives until the next weekend. Well, I suppose in a sense that is true about Christ, hopefully He is in our gatherings,  but what we fail to fully appreciate is that if we want to be where Jesus is, He isn’t always at the church, just waiting for us to come visit on the next weekend. Or even waiting at our house for us to come home from work, or school, or wherever. He is out with the lost, trying to get them to understand His love for them. Trying to lift them out of the holes they are in. Loving them and trying to get them to see there is hope where there seems to be no hope. If we want to be where Jesus is, look where he was in the bible. He was with the lost sheep as much as possible. Yes He had His small group to refresh and encourage each other. But that was for the purpose of reaching out to a lost world to have them see that their messiah was there. I want to be where Jesus is, and that isn’t always on the mountaintop. He would be found where the work needed to be done, not at the rest stop all the time.

And this is not about guilt and performance. It is about being a witness, being a light. And to be a light you don’t have to know how to create bulbs, and batteries, and generating electricity. You just need to be turned on and let your light shine.I want to be doing that where Jesus is.


One Response to “I Want To Be Where Jesus Is”

  1. bubby July 29, 2009 at 7:51 AM #

    what a wonderful revelatation,
    now lets put it to action, Just remember we all are dealing with something in this life that wants to prevent us from getting this awesome plan out of the living room, and into the harvest fields. Help us Jesus. Philippians.2:13).amen!

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