Please Pray For Me

12 Feb

(This is a post from my Facebook page, several friends asked me  post this here. So here you go)

Due to an interesting event tonight, I need you to pray for me.
My son almost became a child of a single parent this evening. Now, don’t panic, its not as bad as it sounds… After a leisurely dinner with the family, mommie took Evan to start his evening bath while daddy began his nightly chore of washing dishes, preparing the morning coffee pot and getting the last sippy cup of the evening prepared. Now, as daddy is furthering his dishpan hands and wondering if the endless washing will ever cease, I hear mommie SCREAM from across the house “MICHAEL COME HERE QUICK!!!” Now, of course being the strong man of God I am and walking in faith I immediately pictured my 22 month old son horribly disfigured from some freak accident or my wife scalded by a hot water accident…
As I turned to run, my feet a blur as I slip like a cartoon character on the wet floor, I toss the partially washed FRAGILE serving dish on the hard tile counter, ripping the oven door open as I reach for a towel to attempt to dry the soapy gunk from my hands, or the blood from the gash in my finger from the potentially broken bowl, I know not which, I leap across the front room dodging the now seemingly 4 foot tall Winnie the Pooh plane, Life size Manny the mechanic truck, approximately 1.54 trillion duplo lego blocks scattered about the floor, sliding on the 4,363 glossy Diego and Dora books, I now, breathless from not breathing for seemingly forever as I wait to see the horrible scene awaiting me… gaze into the bathroom to see my wife sitting on the toilet with her pants around her ankles, and my 22 month old boy setting on his potty chair. Both with a smile and my lovely wife says, “Evan went potty in his potty chair for the first time Yay!!!”
I now inhale my first oxygen in an eternity and my heart begins to start beating at a somewhat slower rate as I then realize all are healthy… except me with my sphincter irreversibly slammed shut, my intestines in my throat and hoping I do not have to clean up my own excited evacuation of all bodily functions as I surged across the living room.
Pray for me, this parenting is hard stuff. 🙂


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