Happy Easter

3 Apr

Thanks God!

I wanted to post this that my wife wrote this morning. The Lord woke her up early and she just sat down and wrote this out. I believe it speaks for itself.

April 3, 2010

1 Corinthians 15:57, “But thanks be to God!

He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!”

Oh the Blood. The Precious Blood.

Slain for me on Calvary.

Slain for one – God gave His Son.

A sinner ‘tis true – a sinner through and through.

Oh the Blood! The Precious Blood.

Born for me, died on Calvary.

Born – again – in Jesus Christ the Son.

A sinner set free – set free! Set free!

Oh You have freed us, through Your Blood.

Oh You forgive us, as only You could.

Reconciled – to God again.

Your Blood has washed away my sin.

Oh the Blood. Your Precious Blood.

Poured for me, given to free me.

How can I be but blessed, no humbled?

How can I not praise? Yet here I grumble.

Grumble about life. About circumstance.

Murmur and complain instead of giving myself a chance.

Self-focused? Its easy – it comes naturally.

But You gave Your Blood on Calvary’s tree.

What You chose to do was hardest of all.

To die for my sin – when You knew I would fall.

You loved me so much You made a tough choice.

To die a sinner’s death to silence his voice.

The enemy’s voice speaks continual half-truth.

Telling all of my sin – and showing the proof.

I’m guilty! I’M GUILTY! And I know its true!

Oh Jesus, sweet Jesus – I come and ask You!

Forgive me My Lord! I’ve messed up again.

I’ve walked in my flesh and I’ve wallowed in sin.

Please Jesus, please cleanse me with Your Precious Blood.

Come into my choices, come in like a flood!

Wash over, wash under, wash me through and through

I need You sweet Jesus – no one else will do.

For only in Jesus am I truly loved.

For You gave Your life for me, poured out Your Blood.

Oh the Blood. The Precious Blood.

Slain for me – on Calvary.

Slain for this one – God gave of His Son.

A sinner, ‘tis true. A sinner through and through.

Oh the Blood! The Precious Blood.

Born for me, died on Calvary.

Raised again – Alive forever You Be.

Oh the Blood of Jesus!

Seated at the Right Hand of God.

Coming again to judge us.

Gavel in hand, You’ll take a stand.

Judging the hearts and lives of man.

You told us so plainly, our motives You’ll judge.

Each careless word that’s spoken;

Held up to the Standard of Holiness.

Dressed in who we are – sin or righteousness.

But no one – not one – is righteous inside.

For sin has laid hold, has been our guide.

Until we bow down and in You die,

We’ll continue to believe the hideous lie…

That in us we can do anything;

The lie is pervasive – in everything.

It says that the Blood is foolishness,

So live life anyway we choose it.

Oh the Blood! The Precious Blood!

Poured out for me on Calvary!

I have distained Your Sacrifice…

I have toward selfishness kept my eyes.

Focused on self – and on this world.

Selfishly walking at every turn.

Forgive my sin – I ask You today.

Wash all my sin, my sin away!

Repentance is good – I humble myself.

I lay all I am at the foot of Your Cross.

I ask You again, Lord, please forgive me.

Your Precious Blood, Lord, I so need!

Oh the Blood of Jesus!

Oh the Blood of Jesus!

Oh the Blood of Jesus,

That washes white as snow.

Oh the Blood. The Precious blood.

Help me Lord – from flesh’s flood.

Help me make choices to walk in You.

Change me, Dear Jesus, through and through.

Help me this day and from this day forth,

To choose to submit to You, My Lord.

In everything I say, think, or do.

Help me become Lord, more like You.

And when that Day of Judgment comes,

I’ll admit all my sin before the Son.

You’ll cloak me because I’ve come to You.

Cloak me in Your Blood in forgiveness – its true!

Every motive and thought and action done

Will be seen through the Light of Jesus the Son.

Because I’ve asked You to forgive me,

I repent on this day, forever free!

It’s not a free pass – its so much more than that.

For You’ve paid my penalty for me at that.

By Your Blood You shed upon Your Cross.

I’m ever grateful Jesus, for Your loss.

I can never repay what You’ve done for me.

I can only say please forgive me.

And help me each breath to serve You Lord.

I lay my life down of my own free accord.

I submit my life to Jesus’ Command.

To Your Will and direction, I’ll sit or stand.

Because of Your Blood, Your Precious Blood,

Come into my life, take preeminence like a flood.

Judge me, My lord, I submit now to You.

Purge me. Prune me. Change me through and through.

On that final day, I’ll stand up and say:

It’s Your Blood that washed my sin away!

Oh the Blood! The Precious Blood.

Poured out for me on Calvary.

A sinner – ‘tis true, through and through.

But the Blood of My Lord has made me new.

The Blood of my Lord has made me new.

Revelation 1:5, “And from Jesus Christ,

who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead,

and the Ruler of the kings of the earth.

To Him who loves us, and



One Response to “Happy Easter”

  1. Lisa Lewinson April 18, 2010 at 12:53 AM #

    Wow. That was really, really. I don’t even know how to comment. It blessed me. It was, wow. And thank you Lord! ( you wrote that? did i ever tell you that you’re the best room-mate ever?)

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