Like Father Like Son

27 Nov

So my son, wife and I are in Evans room with the lights down getting ready for bed and Evan, unsolicited, begins singing Lincoln Brewsters new song “You are wonderful, You are marvelous, You are glorious, You are amazing God…” Now this is the same little boy who 10 minutes earlier was really ticking me off because I was telling him to go into the bathroom with mommy and brush his teeth, and he would look at me with a blank look, then keep playing with his cars. I told him three times to go, finally telling him if he didn’t go I would spank him.

Now, when my son started singing the worship song, I thought, “Is this the same child who 10 minutes ago had me fuming over his bull headedness? And now, he had me crying because I was holding him in my arms, his face an inch from mine and he was singing on his own, a beautiful worship song to God. Thats about when God said, “Yah, kinda like you and me huh?” Since God has blessed my wife and I with this amazing little boy, God has been doing this a lot. Makes me feel pretty confident in why God waited until this time of my life to send us this beautiful boy. God has used my son to illustrate so vividly my relationship with my heavenly Father. There are so many times when God is asking me to do something, or telling me to not do something, and I in my bull headedness, turn and keep doing what I want. But just as I cried when my son started singing, God is blessed intensely by my simple worship and thankfulness. He does not turn His heart from me.  I believe He loves me so much better and perfectly than I love my son, that it really is difficult to wrap my head around it. I read again about Abraham obediently in faith offering up his son as a sacrifice to God, and as the knife is raised, God says stop. God saw his faith and obedience and provided for Abraham. I don’t know if I could have been like Abraham. But God in fact did allow His Son to be sacrificed and separated from Him for a time, so I could be forgiven and have fellowship with Him. God loves me better than I am able to love anyone.  Yet, God loves my fellowship with Him so much and deeply. As I look at Him eye to eye,  like my son did to me and worship and talk to Him, it brings powerful emotion of love to the Father. How awesome that is. Even with my poopie diaper of rebellion.


One Response to “Like Father Like Son”

  1. Mom and Dad November 27, 2010 at 3:13 PM #

    We love your commentary.It makes our day complete and causes us to reflect on our own relationship with our Heavenly Father. We’re proud of you, not only as our son, but as a father to your own son.

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