You’re Not Special!…or Are You?

10 Jun

Well, I haven’t posted much for a while. Raising an amazing son has joyfully taken my time and dedication. But a recent series of events has prompted me to write. Most of you have at least heard of the speech given at a recent graduation ceremony where the speaker made an impassioned speech to the high school students and rather effectively reminded them in a nutshell that they are not to be spoiled brats that thinks the world owes them special things, pats on the back and privileges just because they are here. If you have not seen the video I have the link here:


I saw this and I do agree to a point in what he said. This current generation of children have been taught too much that they deserve special treatment and have not been taught enough about dedication, commitment, hard work, trustworthiness, loyalty, and that hard work pays off. Conversely, if you don’t work, you are not entitled to whatever you want or what everybody else has.

There is a well intended message in the gentleman’s speech. However I was reminded of an equally powerful message when we went to church this weekend. Our God is a big God. He created everything we see. I think science is the best argument for a creator. When you look at just what we know now, and there is much more to know, it is awe inspiring to understand the vastness of known existence. Just look at the hugeness of life on our planet. The millions of life forms here in our oceans, forests, air, and everywhere. The intricate nature of creation. Did you know that the most common form of communication is light? Not any spoken language, light. National Geographic did a show about the oceans and declared this truth. Our oceans are huge, deep containers of varied life. The depth of our oceans contain tons of creatures that live in the dark, and they communicate by light. It is an amazing picture. Yet this whole glob of life on this planet reflects a mere fraction of God’s creation. Louis Giglio does an amazing series about this. You can watch it all free online, just search for it on Google. Here is a small clip as a sample:

That gives us a great perspective on how huge and great our God is. It is almost overwhelming when we begin to think about it. Think of the size of the entire vastness of space. We live on this little tiny speck in our little corner here. A speck on a speck floating in space. Yet God tells us in Matthew 10:30 that he knows the number of hairs on our head. He knows us by name. He even sent His Son to die for us that we could spend eternity with Him and talk and walk with Him. Are you special, absolutely positively beyond a doubt you are. It doesn’t even matter what horrible awful thing you have done or thought about doing. It doesn’t even matter  that you may not yet have a relationship with God. Because the Bible tells us in Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” He knows what you have done, what you will do and still considers you special. Does this mean we don’t need to change some things and straighten up? Yep, we all are in a lifelong process of changing, but the beautiful thing is God loves us and will continue to love us. We seek Him and ask forgiveness, He gives it and we learn from our mistakes. We are not to be spoiled brats like the graduation speech told us. This requires living a humble life knowing that we don’t deserve God’s love, yet He gives it freely. We are very special and unique to God.


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