God Bless America

26 Oct

I hate our current political climate. It disgusts me how divided this country is. I am 56 years old and remember tumultuous times politically throughout my life. But I have never seen the divisiveness like today. The corruption in politics, the press, entertainment etc. is rampant. People are so divisive that saying “make America great again” is racist, male dominant, hateful, etc. OK, how about “Let’s make America better. Let’s make America moral. Let’s make America honest. Let’s make America humble. Let’s make America wear it’s big boy underwear again. Let’s make America able to agreeably disagree and work together again. Let’s make America able to communicate (not via FB, Twitter, etc.) face to face again. Let’s make America loyal again. Let’s make America have healthy functioning 2 parent families again. Let’s make America wholesome again… and on and on.
Has America been perfect? No and it never will. If there are people involved there is sin, selfishness, dishonesty, etc. Has been since Adam and will be until the new heaven and new earth when Jesus returns. But as I tell my 9 year old to help him mature, “We learn from our mistakes and grow.”
America has given more assistance to the rest of the world than the rest of the world has given combined. We have led in two world wars to defeat evil. Even when we defeated Japan in World War II we then helped them rebuild. During all of our epic adventures you can point out errors, some corruption etc. Again, people are involved therefore sin wreaks it’s ugly havoc. But we have historically grown to be a better nation. Until recently.
We are boxing ourselves into a corner that’s getting darker and darker. I believe scripture is clear where this is leading. I don’t like it and I dislike greatly what it creates for my son and his generation. But I also have great peace because no matter who gets elected as President, God is still King on the throne. I have eternity to look forward to peace in His kingdom. But for now I choose to be active, participatory, hopeful, and inquisitive.
Therefor, for this brief period of tumult, I am sharing whatever bits of information I have found to try and ascertain truth. My most powerful weapon in this adventure is prayer. My wife and I pray daily for Gods wisdom and truth to reign. We pray for our family, friends, acquaintances and culture.
God Bless America… please.


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